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4 Safety Tips For Winter DrivingIt’s officially the winter season, which means snow and icy weather are here to stay for a while. Unfortunately, this can make driving a challenge, especially for residents in Broomfield retirement communities. The Avenues Crofton Park Apartments has a list of winter driving safety tips to help keep everyone informed and safe on the snowy roads.

Service Your Car

Winter driving can potentially be hazardous, which means your car needs to be in good working condition at all times. The last thing you want is to break down on the side of the road in a storm. It’s recommended that you take your car in to make sure that all services are up to date and everything is running the way it needs to before the worst of the winter season hits.

Take Your Time

One of the best ways to drive safely in the snow is to be aware of timing. For example, it takes extra time to brake and slow down on snowy roads when you’re approaching a red light. Don’t assume you can brake right before the light and come to a complete stop the same way you could on bare roads. Accelerate and decelerate slowly and don’t drive too fast if the roads are icy.

Stay Alert

Driving in general requires everyone to be alert but it’s even more crucial for winter driving. Conditions can get dangerous quickly if you are feeling fatigued or distracted. Only drive when you’re fully rested and can pay full attention to the road. Being extra alert will also help you keep an eye out for other drivers who may not be driving safely, which could affect you if you don’t notice them.

Determine the Route Beforehand

If you need to drive somewhere and the weather isn’t ideal, take some time before you leave to figure out the best route to take. If there’s a way you can avoid a steep hill or sharp turns by taking a different road, do it! It will help you feel more at ease on the road and lower your risk of an accident.