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3 Surprising Benefits of ReadingFor those of us who are avid readers, it comes as no surprise that reading is actually healthy for you! This is one reason our Broomfield retirement community offers amenities, like a coffee bar and internet café and a sitting lounges perfect for curling up with a good book. Reading can also make you more empathetic, combat Alzheimer’s, and save you money. Don’t stop here–keep reading!


Getting lost in a good novel with emotionally deep characters can develop empathy in the reader. Books that are written especially from the point of view of the main character give us deep emotional and psychological insight into that character. Being able to understand another person’s point of view, whether you agree with them or not, is essential for socially interactive members of society. By living vicariously through book characters, we develop compassion for others struggling through hard times or dealing with complicated issues. Reading exposes the human thought process and shows us how we can deal with problems we currently face.

Brain Power

Reading is like an exercise for your mind. It keeps the mind sharp and has been proven to slow memory loss. Experts agree that inactivity and passive mental stimulation, like watching television, are some of the leading causes for the decline of memory and brain function. However, people who engage in mental exercises like reading, chess, or doing puzzles are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s later in life. Reading can also help you sleep better, which is also essential for healthy brain function. Reading before bed can calm and de-stress a preoccupied brain, unless you are reading a real page-turner, of course.

Save Money

A ticket to Mars costs about $6 billion (plus a $38 application fee), and the first mission won’t be for another decade. Readers can engage in the latest science fiction thriller that takes place in galaxies far, far away without spending billions plus an application. For the price of a book, readers can take a trip around the world in 80 days. With trip to the nearest bookstore or the library – where reading is a free adventure – readers can experience the world or the galaxy for next to nothing. Seeing a movie or going to an amusement park are costly alternatives compared to curling up with a good book.