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On a beautiful Colorado day on June 8, the parking lot at The Avenues Crofton Park was transformed into a nostalgic car show that wowed more than 150 residents, family members, staff and other visitors. Organized by residents Paul W. and Nancy C., the event included a display of 18 classic autos, ranging from a 1930 Ford to a 2015 Corvette. The models on display included those produced by Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Pontiac, Plymouth, Studebaker and Volkswagen, and most were manufactured during the era of the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

For the organizers and the car owners, the show’s goal was to spark fun memories for Avenues Crofton Park residents, many of whom enjoyed first dates, marriage and other memorable moments during their earlier life when these cars were part of those experiences.

“When one resident checked in to get her ballot to select ‘Peoples’ Choice’ for the event, she reflected on a 1956 turquoise-and-white Chevy, which she said was she and her husband’s first car,” said Paul. “I told her she was in luck as we had that make, model and color at the event that day.”

Later, that resident returned with tears in her eyes to thank organizers for bringing back such fond memories. As it turned out, the ’56 Chevy was also a favorite of other event attendees as it narrowly won the “Peoples’ Choice” vote for the day.

Avenues’ resident Jane W. greeted the “car club ladies,” and invited them in for a tour and refreshments before joining spouses for some soda and pizza. The event was such a success that planning is in the works for a repeat next summer.

Many thanks to Nancy and Paul for co-chairing this popular event, and to Paul for his contributions to this article.