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Avenues Residents Get Creative with Craft & Chat

Engaging in art-related activities has many benefits for seniors. Having a creative outlet is good for everyone, not just the musically inclined or those who paint murals for a living. Studies have shown that making art can decrease the risk of cognitive decline.

Art projects are a relaxing and fun activity that stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain, our so-called “creative side.” The left side of the brain is predominantly responsible for language and speech, spatial reasoning, and interpreting visual information and is referred to as the “dominant side.” We use the left side of our brain every day as we go about daily life but can neglect the right side by not engaging in creative pursuits like art. Keeping both hemispheres of the brain active and engaged is important for staving off the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Art projects also strengthen hand-eye coordination and improve finger and joint dexterity.

Artful activities like painting, sculpting, or crocheting are mental workouts for the brain that can help reduce feelings of anxiety and lower one’s risk of depression. When people are creative in groups, they receive an even bigger boost to their health. The feeling of accomplishment and exchanging ideas with others also being creative promotes a sense of belonging and bonding over similar interests.

Residents of The Avenues Crofton Park really enjoy our weekly art classes. The Craft and Chat group was started by residents and is entirely resident-run, and our staff supports the group by providing space for the club to meet each week. We also have community-organized craft groups from time to time for fun projects like making coasters or painting pots to plant in.

Our weekly painting class is also quite popular. Residents meet in our specially designed multi-purpose room, sometimes over a glass of wine, and follow an online tutorial to paint things like watercolor flowers and landscapes encouraging each other to express individual creativity and share a few laughs.

Providing a comfortable space and opportunity for residents to gather for creative endeavors is one of the many benefits of a 55+ retirement community like The Avenues. Our senior boutique living community embraces resident-run activities and our activities manager schedules art-related classes to foster socialization and encourage community-wide participation in a welcoming environment for everyone to explore their creativity and boost their health.

Call 720-799-0915 today to see what activities get your creative juices flowing at The Avenues Crofton Park. We’re always looking for more makers to inspire our senior boutique living community’s offerings.