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The Many Health Benefits of Friendship

For long-term robust health and vitality, you need friends. Science tells us so. Decades of research have shown those with close active friendships enjoy health benefits not found in a pill or cream. Having healthy friendships and plenty of fun activities to do with them is part of everyday life at The Avenues Crofton Park.

Friendship and Mental Health

People who regularly spend time with friends report feeling generally happier and more confident versus those who do not have close pals. A sense of belonging is important to our well-being because humans are social animals. Many studies have shown that those experiencing social isolation and a lack of friendships are more prone to anxiety and depression.

On the flip side, having friends is known to boost one’s self-esteem, reduce stress and anxiety over day-to-day life and boost enjoyment in pleasurable activities. Having friends to cheer your accomplishments, offer sympathy when you are dealing with a problem and engage in hobbies and activities with you enriches your quality of life.

Friendship and Physical Health

A lack of friends can hinder physical health too, as loneliness and social isolation have been linked to severe health problems like high blood pressure, weakened immune system, obesity, cognitive decline and more. To protect your long-term mental and physical health it is important to take flight from your isolation and make connections.

Finding Friends

Adults can find it challenging to maintain friendships or make new friends while working full time and raising a family. When we retire, it’s important to reboot relationships if they have lapsed, or kindle new ones.

Some ways senior adults can find new friends is to actively pursue their hobbies by joining a club of like-minded enthusiasts. There is a group for every hobby from amateur photography to painting, knitting, or collecting stamps or coins. Going to religious services, community events and taking up swimming or hiking again in a club brings people together to bond over the pleasure of a shared activity or interest. Many of our residents enjoy walking together on the nearby Metzger Farm open space trails while others enjoy socializing in the lobby throughout the day over coffee or drinks.

Making Friends is Easy at The Avenues Crofton Park

It’s easy to find new friends in our community. With a calendar of activities to suit different interests and tastes, you will find yourself surrounded by people also looking to make a connection. We offer entertainment and cultural events, fun classes and activities that encourage people to get together, chat and have a laugh or two while having some fun.

If you’re considering a move to 55+ living, please give us a call at 720-799-0915 to schedule an in-person or virtual tour and learn how you can make our community your new home. For many residents, the socialization opportunities and new friendships are the best things about living here.