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6 Invigorating Activities for Active Seniors to Maintain Heart Health

February marks Heart Health Month, a time to prioritize cardiovascular well-being. As we gracefully navigate our golden years, nurturing our heart health takes center stage in maintaining a fulfilling lifestyle. At The Avenues Crofton Park in Broomfield, we recognize the paramount importance of heart health for seniors. Engaging in heart-healthy activities isn’t just about staying active; it’s about safeguarding the very core of our well-being.

With a picturesque location near hiking trails, easy mountain access, proximity to the Paul Derda Recreation Center, onsite Tai Chi, and fitness classes, our residents enjoy a robust lifestyle that fosters heart health. Read on to explore the ways seniors can keep their hearts happy and strong.

1. Heart Healthy Strolls in Nature

Explore nature’s beauty through nearby walking trails, perfect for heart-healthy strolls. Accessible trails such as the Metzger Farm Open Space trails, cater to various fitness levels, offering scenic routes and invigorating exercise opportunities.

2. Elevating Heart Rates in Nature

Elevate your heart rate amidst Colorado’s breathtaking landscapes with accessible hiking trails catering to different skill levels. Residents relish the chance to connect with nature while engaging in an excellent cardiovascular workout with an array of hiking options from easy to moderate.

3. Water Aerobics at Paul Derda Rec Center, a Heart-Friendly Exercise

Dive into heart-friendly exercises with water aerobics sessions at Broomfield’s nearby Paul Derda Recreation Center’s pool. Enjoy low-impact yet effective workouts in a refreshing aquatic environment, ideal for seniors’ joint health.

4. Group Fitness Classes: Promoting Cardiovascular Health

Engage in tailored group fitness classes onsite, fostering a supportive community while promoting cardiovascular health. From gentle yoga to invigorating aerobics, residents can choose activities that suit their fitness levels and preferences. The Avenues’ fitness classes are always bustling with participants.

5. Golf Galore: Outdoor Leisure and a Heart-Pumping Activity

Tee off at nearby golf courses, combining outdoor leisure with physical activity to keep hearts pumping. The serene surroundings and engaging gameplay make golf an enjoyable way to stay active and promote heart health. In Colorado, our moderate temperatures outside of the mountains allow golfers to play almost year-round.

6. Tai Chi & Fitness Sessions Onsite

Experience the calming yet empowering effects of Tai Chi, available conveniently at The Avenues. Engage in regular fitness sessions tailored to promote heart health and overall well-being. Tai Chi encompasses some of the core elements of healthy aging – promoting balance, flexibility, and strength, making it very popular with older adults like those in our 55+ community.


Heart health can be quite simple for seniors when making it a daily habit; integrating activities like walks, group fitness, or even social engagements not only simplifies it but also adds a layer of accountability, making it easier to stick to healthier routines.

At The Avenues, the heartbeat of our community resonates with a commitment to heart health for our active residents who can find a heart health program that fits their style. As Heart Health Month approaches, embrace the spirit of wellness with the multitude of activities we offer, surrounded by the stunning Colorado landscape. Join us in nurturing a lifestyle that prioritizes heart health while reveling in the beauty of active senior boutique living at The Avenues.

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